Master in Rehabilitation Sciences (magna cum laude)


Doctor in Rehabilitation Sciences (specialization Exercise Physiology)
Research on the prognostic value of exercise testing in patients with hypertension and heart failure
KULeuven, UZ Gasthuisberg, department of Cardiology


Supervision of exercise tests (half time)
In patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, breast cancer, low back pain
KULeuven, UZ Gasthuisberg, department of Physical Medicine


7 x top-10 at the Belgian Championships Olympic distance triathlon
Semi-professional triathlete


Independent exercise physiologist, physical trainer and instructor (train the trainer)
Back To B.A.S.I.C.S. In Sports

Exercise physiologist: specialized in lactate testing

Physical trainer: distance coaching (program design) of athletes in individual sports
- (trail)running (from 400m to 250K)
- triathlon, duathlon, swimming
- cycling & mountainbiking
- mountaineering, inline skating, badminton, canoe,...

Organisation of courses for coaches of athletes (trainers, physicians, physiotherapists)
- Lactate testing 1.0 (basic course)
- Lactate testing 2.0 (follow-up course)
- Program design (how to make a training scheme) (3 day course)
- All or nothing: the 50 shades of training intensity


Responsible for the physical training of players of all levels and ages
K. Stade Leuven T.C.

Author of the evidence-based book ‘Back to B.A.S.I.C.S. voor succesvol trainen’ (Academia Press, 2012, 175 p., in Dutch)

Development of the ‘ReMBLa-method’: a unique, ‘physio-logical’ method to determine lactate thresholds

Author of several scientific syllabi (in Dutch and English), a.o. ‘Lactate testing: an evidence-based and practical guide’ (2016, 80 p.)

Main assets as an exercise physiologist
- Expert in the conduction and interpretation of lactate tests
- Unparallelled systematic approach
- Versatile: broad knowledge of physiology, incl. pathology

Main assets as a trainer
- Man of his word (someone you can count on)
- Very skilled in the periodization of the training process (peaking is no coincidence)
- Experience as a (successful but ‘uncoachable’) athlete

Main assets as a teacher
- Unique combination of strong theoretical background and lots of practical experience (both as a trainer and an athlete)
- Elaborated syllabi, incl. creative exercises for activated learning
- Accessible and supportive personality, facilitating the interaction during and the follow-up after the workshops