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06.08.2010 » I had a chat with Superman

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Uit het medisch-wetenschappelijke tijdschrift Chest (August 3, 2010):

Editor?s Note: The author writes: ?This was inspired by a lunch I had with Christopher Reeve when we were both invited speakers at a respiratory care meeting. My son has dyslexia and apraxia, but he is the sweetest and hardest working kid I know. He idolizes superheroes, long outgrown by his academically gifted brothers.?

I had a chat with Superman
Remembering Christopher Reeve

I had a chat with Superman.
My son Max was impressed.
All of his pajamas have attached capes
and he tells me that when he grows up he will fight evil.
Growing up is hard for Max.
While his brothers fly
he fights for each step.

I had a chat with Superman.
I told Max that Superman got hurt
He can no longer move his arms or legs
but he is still fighting evil.
I told him that Superman has discovered new powers;
deep inside powers.
Powers to move other people when he cannot move himself.
Powers to heal other people as he fights to heal himself.
Real superpowers.

I had a chat with Max.
He wants to know if he can get real superpowers too.
I told him that I think he has real superpowers.
Sometimes we don?t know about our superpowers.
Sometimes we only find them when we have lost something dear.
Sometimes we struggle so hard that we don?t use our superpowers to fight evil.
Max is my Superman.

Bruce K. Rubin, MD, FCCP
Richmond, VA


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